Plant Anatomy and Physiology (P0511D030012)

Studijní program: Plant Anatomy and Physiology (P0511D030012)

Typ studia: Doktorské

Forma studia: Prezenční, Kombinované

Délka studia: 4

Zaměření: ostatní přírodovědné, přírodovědné obory

Náplň programu/oboru:
The aim of the program is to prepare top scientists in the fields of contemporary physiology and experimental biology of plants developed within the Institute of Experimental Biology of the Faculty of Science. Graduates of this study should be prepared primarily for further scientific careers in research and academic institutions, but also for potential applications in the commercial sector with a research or application potential in the field of plant science. The program is focused on the detailed study of plants, their structure and their functions with regard to physiological processes and their regulation. Topics within this program are focused on different levels, ranging from the internal structure and function of plant cells and their organelles, tissues and organs to individuals and their populations. In terms of functional processes, the topics focus on the transformation of external sources of matter and energy in metabolic processes (especially photosynthesis and transpiration), the intake and management of nutrients, growth and development processes, stress and ecological physiology of plants, including interactions with mycorrhizal plants and the reaction of plants to extreme or toxic environment. The aim of the program and the topics studied is to elucidate the physiological mechanisms of plant behavior as a whole and interdisciplinary analysis using the knowledge and procedures of related disciplines, especially biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology and genetics and 'omics disciplines including modern biotechnologies. The research results obtained during the DSP program are mainly used for causal analysis and quantification of physiological processes occurring in both natural and man-affected systems from cell level to ecosystem.

Cizí jazyk: Angličtina

Akreditace: ANO

Platnost akreditace do: 15.4.2029

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